Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Christmas!

It’s really December! How time flies…it’s christmas! “mom, it’s only dec. 1” my daughter Joy told me when I greeted her. Yeah, dudette…I know. Mommy’s excited for the coming holiday season.
December means a lot, hub and I would be celebrating our church wedding anniversary on the 16th, his (hub) birthday would be on 22nd….of course the main reason of the celebration…Christmas day, a family reunion that will be held in our house on the 28th and the new year too. It would be a tiring task but it happens only once a year so I wouldn’t mind. I'd prefer to keep the holiday kitsch to a minimum because the other part of my brain is screaming and reminding me; RECESSION! with echos. I've heard a lot about this recession and economy thing...scary huh!
I wouldn't want to get lavish either as long as it's a fun-filled celebration and the spirit why we are celebrating is still there 'ayt?
Yesterday's hustle bustle.
The weather has been kind, no rain…no snow just a cold temp and biting winds. So got my head start on some holiday shopping and checked out some stuff for “pasalubong” also. Blabbing too much, and oh...I heard the scream again!

I’m just human, I'm excited rawr!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Nowhere to See?

What about my title? I am so disappointed! I couldn't see this post actually *grr*! I could only update and edit my post but the actual page is not downloading. Funny and irritating #*%@* boom! *sighhhh*

Okay, I'm back here again and in case my akoni site would disappear again *for sure* I have another one here

That's it! See you anywhere folks...haha!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Connecting People

Haller! Moi again.

Winter's finally here and know what? I am not feeling good these days. Nope, I didn't catch a cold but err...the cold catched me. Dang!

That doesn't stopped me from updating anyway...hah! If it can't beat me..then it joined me, that is. Talking nonsense? I'm under this antihistamine medication so bear with me peeps, felt dizzy actually....

By the way, I am so thankful with this friendster account because I and my long lost bestfriend Gillian, finally got in touched with each other . We had lost contact for so many years. She was my teeny-boopy days bestfriend . I couldn't find her because she's using different surname since she already got married. I even tried searching his brother's name and there I found her! I learned that She's also searching me all over the net. We're both happy and excited...she's in London , practicing her profession as a nurse in a military base, had two kids but unfortunately a failed marriage. Hmm, that is another story and I am so sad about it.

I still could sketched her pretty face in a snap...just like I did a moment ago. This is the last image that has been registering in my memory. Her teeny days look.

She's beautiful in person, I remember that she was asked to joined a beauty contest but she was too young that time and we just laughed it off together. to jet out here, need to catch some good Z's to fell better.