Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nanshan park

Hello peeps, here I am again dropping a line. *Sipag ko 'no*? My akoni site's still down and I have no idea when it'll come back or is it coming back? Meanwhile, I'll be lounging here always. Ha! dami ko yatang bahay hehe...

Here are some selected photos which was taken when we went to Nanshan park. It was just an outskirt of Penglai city where hubby and I were staying.

I already posted this in akoni's site when it showed up for a short time then it was MIA again, it never give me a chance to modify...too bad.
Love the colors of Autumn...

The way up to the biggest Buddha

Down there...

It is made of a copper, 38 meters high and weighs 380 metric tons

The right hand...

Thanks for coming!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What's up?

What's up in moi? Well, besides of being busy at work lately; of course I was too busy for myself also lol. See that flower picture below? I took it when I went to Nanshan a week ago. Isn't it pretty? With a lil bug and a creepy spider in it....and notice the web too.

I would post more of my Nanshan getaway on my next drop.

There you go. Ciao!


Hello blogworld! This is my new site, my new virtual world . Welcome here. What's in store? Hmm, I couldn't figure it right now. But of course, I'll just note down anything here spontaineously. For now, I would like to welcome my old and new blogfriends to be part of this world with me.