Sunday, March 22, 2009

Guess who just got her nails done?

It's moi, of course! Have you tried the nail art trend? Isn't it neat? There are hundreds of nail art design to choose, from simplest to boldest but I go with the simple one that I could wear at work. (Please bear, my cam didn't capture the detailed design of my nails duh)

It would take more time than the normal manicure because of the application, drying and heating inside the machine. After cleaning, the nails would be applied with DNA base coat, DNA optimizing coat, the design you picked and lastly the DNA top coat.

Mine was done manually and not by the digital nail printer so I was sitting there for an aching hour.

This is my second try and my first one lasted for over a month , well...not a bad deal for 100cny There you go. See yah!


Mari said...

Very nice nails. Lots of work, though; but for the price and the length of time it lasts, I would say that's not a bad deal.

My nails are ugh! I should wear gloves to hide them. ;-D

ghee said...

oh its cool!simplicity is the best!

ako lang ang nag mamanicure sa sarili ko,i have no guts na mag padesign,super mahal na,grabeh pa ang style,haha!pero in fairness,yung super habang nails na japanese,magaling silang magdala,kasi di naman gumagawa sa bahay ung mga un!esp mga artista.

happy nails day,Noah!

MeL said...

I envy those nails. Magpapaganyan din ako sa weekend! Haha.

Nona said...


Haha, its my feet's excuses during cold season. No pedicures...just hide them with thick socks and close shoes presto!
Thanks 'though.

Nona said...


Iyan yung advantage niyan Ghee, kahit nagbabasa ka ng kamay mo palagi hindi siya basta basta nasisira at nabubura. Dapat lang hindi masyadong mahaba ang nails for safety in case nahampas mo sa matigas.
Kapg ordinary manicure ako na rin gumagawa. Thanks Ghee!

Nona said...


Go go gurl, I'm sure your mushu will love it! Heheh...
Happy bday uli, waa...sarado na naman site mo. :(

Gel-Nails said...

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Nance said...

They are really beautiful, nona and I didn't know they last that long. Not for me at this time though, summer means a lot of working outdoors, gardening and weeding...might try it in the winter.
thanks for the tips, nona!